Sunrise SeascapeWorkshop


SunriseSeascape Sessions 

​Learn, Explore, Creativeness during a sunrise photography workshop.

Sunrise photography is a good way to landscape photography with light changing conditions in a short interval. During this workshop, I will be sharing my own tips and techniques that I use to shoot landscape images. I will also answer your question and explore answers for them on the spot.

*Sunrise photography is always weather dependant.




GROUP SIZE: people max 

BOOKING DATE: Weekend *can also confirm the date after booking. 

TIME: 5AM – 7AM,

*starts Half Hour Before Sunrise Time

WORKSHOP FEE - $120 only

What we will do:

  • Learn to shoot in full Manual Mode 

  • Learn Histogram to correctly expose your images 

  • Learn triangle of aperture, shutter speed and ISO 

  • Learn how shutter speed effect your images.

  • Learn to shoot long exposure images 

  • Creative composition tricks for your images 

  • Capturing sea waves and water flow in images. 


What to bring along:

  • Camera having Manual Mode - Mandatory

  • Wide angle lens (preferable)

  • Lens cleaner cloth 

  • Tripod Mandatory (if you don't have let us know in advance to arrange) 

  • Shutter release (preferable) 

  • Filters (if you own)

We may be stepping closer to sea water/waves and chances are we might get wet feet, so must wear footwear suitable for beaches/wet rocks. Good to carry extra pair of Clothes | Towels | Shoes along. 


***An email/message to participants will be sent out prior to the workshop, with details of exact meeting locations and parking.


Cancellation Policy: Photographer may reschedule the session due to Photographer’s illness or inclement weather and will work with Client’s schedule to reschedule or arrange some other photographer as soon as possible. If Client needs to reschedule due to illness of anyone involved in the session, Client will do his/her best to notify Photographer at least 48 hours prior to the session or at least as soon as possible after the issue is identified. The non-refundable deposit can be transferred to another day and time upon the rescheduling of a session, so long as the rescheduled session takes place within 1 month of the original session date, otherwise the deposit will be forfeited. If the Client cancels a session for any reason, the Client will forfeit the deposit.

*If you have trouble walking or climbing stairs, let me know in advance will arrange accordingly.