How I Predict Weather for Sunrise Photography

Today I am going to share with you all the magical trick of talking to clouds and always getting the best favourable epic conditions for sunrise adventures.

First most don't get fooled by these fake promises or false statements, Weather is one thing which we can't control and nature always surprises us when we expect least from it.

As a landscape photographer we are bound by the weather to determine quality of light and drama. We regularly find ourselves at the mercy of the weather conditions on any given day. We don't have the switch of nature's light in our hand to adjust it for ourself.

Over the course of time, I have come across many photographer which takes photos during different time or day under different weather conditions and believe me everyone has their own taste of photography and desire to turn the different conditions in to their own favourable style.

You will also agree with me that we have seen photos of wild stormy weather, rainy day, dark clouds or sunny day. So does it mean all weathers are good and we should just go out in wild without considering the weather conditions ?

No, I won't completely agree to it. We should always be doing some research in advance and making the effort to be in a location at the right time will dramatically increase your chances of capturing something a bit more special. When light and conditions cooperates it helps to get the quality output.

It's also true that understanding different times of the day and light available during that time produces beautiful images.

These are my favourable times or conditions during sunrise

Morning Blue Hour

Morning Golden Hour

Misty Mornings

Overcast Mornings


Now days there are lots of apps which directly helps you to find the good favourable conditions and time for you. All you need to know is what to consider, find and how to interpret those conditions for predicting the expected conditions.

My favourite apps/website are

  1. Plantit Pro - Great App, to find exact positions of sun for sunrise/sunset. You can also search for future dates

  2. WillyWeather - Easy App to find next 4 days of weather forecast with rainfall, wind, tides, swell conditions

  3. - One of my favourite, website to get details about Wind speed m/s, Pressure, Humidity, Dew, CloudCover, Fog, Clouds details Low, Middle, High

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