Photography - Few Things I Have To Share

From my experience and listening to lot of expert's advices, here i have few things to share which might help towards improving your photography journey.

  1. Buy a better stable tripod which you can afford, believe me this goes for longer year of photography journey. My one in on its 5th year.

  2. Enjoy you failure in photography to improve. Embrace the fact most of shots will not be special or will have wow factor. It all comes with exploring more and more. Learn with every single photo since photography is journey. Even the professional won't have all shots perfect always.

  3. Do your homework for your next photography location. Now days best tools google earth, apple maps 3d view, Google Street View are available to pre visit your location. Check sun, moon position, weather forecast, tides etc about the area. Once you reach to your location roam around first to see surrounding area before you open your tripod. Always reach early to your location.

  4. Best camera gear is not the only reason for best photography images. You can have best shots with point to shoot, Crop sensor or full frame. High end camera is fantastic but it all depends upon personally how you put your creativity of what you see in to images. Camera is just a medium in this process. Try your mobile camera often to find the composition.

  5. Shoot in raw, backup your images on hard disk should be your first step once yourself back from photography shoot. If possible back up at two different hard disk.

  6. To improve ask question to yourself why you clicking, what you are trying to capture , what you want to tell. Are you looking wide angle or zoom object, leading lines or isolation scene ? what is I am gonna shoot and what I am gonna tell with my images. Which lens will help you to achieve it. ?

  7. Photogrpahy should give you pleasure, it not what others like, it's what you like & love. People will criticise, tell about what, how they like to see in your images but you might want or like that way.So other's advice can help to improve in photography but its you to decided what your photos will communicate and what exactly you love others to see in your images.

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