Bradleys Head

About Place

This spot is name after William Bradley. Bradleys Head is one of the famous & beautiful spot which gives one of city's best view from Northern shores of Sydney. This place gives a glimpse of growing city and holds history with itself.

On entertainment side Mission: Impossible 2 movie scenes were also shot at this spot.

This spot is one of famous wedding photography shot ( you need to book it ). Distance from parking to spot is only 30m.

Sunrise Light

Point of interest 1: For photographers this spot shows excellent views of the Opera House, Sydney CBD and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Point of interest 2: On the other side of headland there is active Bradleys Head Lighthouse (1905) , adds amazing prop for landscape scene.

Point of interest 3: Sitting on the rock platform off the headland is a Doric stone column. It is one of six that were taken from the demolished Sydney Post Office and placed in positions in Sydney. It's part of history since 1840.

**Do you know where are other 5 column ?

Time to Visit:

Definitely Sunset spot but Sunrise light falling on city building makes it interesting spot.

Parking : Paid Parking available

Toilets Facility : Available at spot

Click to open on google map : Bradleys Head

Sunset View

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