The Gap Lookout

The Gap

The Gap LookOut, Watsons Bay NSW 2030

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The Gap is an ocean cliff on the South Head peninsula in eastern Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

The Gap has been a major destination for tourists, for whom it provided easy access to ocean views. Readily accessible by ferry and bus, The Gap was the terminal point of the tram route to Watsons Bay from 1909 to 1960. Since then the tram track has become a footpath.

You get a spectacular view of sea one side and Sydney harbour on other side. This place nice vantage points for photographing during sunrise or pre dawn.

The area is secured with railings that is high enough to prevent those climbing over but is an adequate height for visitors to take photographs. There are also seats spotted in several of the platforms.

Parking : Driving to The Gap could be an issue as the parking spaces are filled very quickly but try Old South Head Road.

Photos Credit : Manmohan Verma |

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