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What is Acrylic Photographic Print?

Acrylics offer a most stylish and newest frameless, edge to edge look, enhanced colour & vibrancy to image. For Acrylic mount photo is printed either on high glossy or metallic finish paper. Then print is mounted to the back of an acrylic glass which is optically clear and shatterproof acrylic, providing a sharp image frameless edge to edge . This creats an amazing sense of depth to photo. Acrylic Frames are completely frameless with no fittings on the front. There is aluminium hanging stystem attached at the back of frame which makes it ready to hang on wall. Acrylic mounting is ready to hung on the wall with picture framing hooks. These hooks requires you to place a screw in the wall. For heavy & bigger prints its always advisable to consider fitiing by professionals. Each acrylic mounting ordered are provided with the hooks required to hung on the wall.

Who is the photographer/owner of these photos printed on Acrylics ?

Photographer/Photo Credit : Manmohan Verma, All of the images on this websites were taken/edited by myself (Manmohan Verma) We do mention photo credit along with image in description if applicable

Where arcylic mounts prints are manufactured ?

We use services of local manufacturers for making your order based upon different acrylic size and quality. We personally do take care and assure the quality of each individual order for youreslf before it's ready for delivery to you. Most of the products available on our website for order has already been verified for quality.

Can you provide detail about Acrylic Mount ?

Acrylic Mounting consist of

  • Special printing photographic paper Gloss or metallic finish
  • High grade silicone glue
  • Aluminium support to hung on wall
  • White backing vinyl
  • Acrylic Thickness Standard 6mm
  • Sizes offered - 30 x 45cm 30 x 60cm,40 x 60cm, 50 x 75cm.
  • Mounting is ready to hung on the wall with provided framing hooks

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