About Me

I am Manmohan Verma (Manu), always passionate to capture the beauty of nature on my camera. For a living, I am an IT consultant who has so far spent more than 13 years in the IT industry.

I was born and raised in the beautiful state of mountains known as Himachal Pradesh, India. Currently settled in Sydney, Australia since 2010. 

How did I start photography? What/Who inspires me?

My first photography experience was at the age of about 7 years when I clicked my first photo of my family & friends sitting in the garden of Taj Mahal Agra, India with a Yashica film camera. I still remember everyone was exhausted and the only person interested/excited to take that photo was me behind the camera. 


Finally, after coming to Australia, I bought my first camera gear in 2013 & since then enjoying my photography journey. In Sydney, my first sunrise was at Bondi beach with my friend. It was such an amazing sunrise which made me fall for sunrise photography. Since then I regularly enjoy sunrise landscape photography on weekends. Always been a nature lover, I love landscape photography.  

My passion for photography, since childhood, always wanted my photos to be framed nicely and let them enhance the beauty of walls in my own home. So far buying a home in Sydney is very costly so finally decided to get some space for my photos on other's home wall who too shares the same love towards photography and art.

Most of the landscape photography on this website is around Sydney and Northern Beaches, NSW.

Always been a nature landscape lover and whenever I get a chance to spend time with nature love to start my day watching the sunrise and finish it with sunset.


My favorite locations to shoot around Sydney

  • Sunrise On Northern Beaches, my favorite spot is Turimetta Beach

  • Any time of the day love to visit Bombo Headland, Kiama 

  • For Night photography love the Sydney Opera House view from Kirribilli 

If I have to give any photo tips 

  • For the beginner, try to learn more about your camera and its functions first. As they say, Ferrari can take you faster on-road only if you know how to handle it.

  • To improve your composition, on a given day I prefer to stick to one focal length or use a prime lens. It forces to move around the object and helps to find good compositions.

  • There is nothing called as bad light, every condition has its own moment to shoot. Before the rain, you might get dark clouds to shoot and after rain, we get puddles to get the reflection. Go out and enjoy photography.

My Recent most memorable experience

One recent experience is worth sharing with you all. It was a long time wish to capture the sunrise moment at one of the famous spot Figure 8 Pool. Almost 6 months back we planned to visit the spot during low tide conditions with high clouds sky. Early morning after an hour’s drive to Royal national park we found that the entry gate remains closed till morning and it’s not possible to visit the spot for sunrise. On that day we were a bit disappointed since we had planned for this a long back. We were still determined to find an alternative way. This time decided to do overnight camp in a nearby campsite which was around 3.5 km away. This was my first camping experience so it was all a memorable experience from all the way buying a tent, learning how to set up & on the final day walking under stars to reach Figure 8 pool. We were lucky enough to get a glimpse of sunlight under clouds. Believe me, walking back to the car park was another story. I did jump in excitement after getting the perfect shot of Figure 8 pool.

"If you see the smile in my pic it's always because of you" ~mvimages